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Missing Legal Disclosure Explained as a "Bug" in the System

One of the mysteries of Cinefamily concerns the seeming redaction of a critical legal disclosure related to Dan Harkham's effective control over Cinefamily.  (see bottom half of linked page)

I spoke this morning with Guidestar's Director of Data Operations.  Guidestar is the leading authority on charities' tax filings.  Guidestar acknowledged the missing information, but assured me the filing is legitimate, and said they believe a bug in the IRS's data management system resulted in a failure to properly populate the field.

As I noted originally, intent was not the point.  Whatever the intent, the outcome was Cinefamily stakeholders lacked crucial information about organizational governance.

Guidestar also said that Cinefamily has most assuredly not filed their more recent tax documents in a timely fashion, noting that they may have been submitted very late (and are currently wending their way through the IRS system), or they may not have been submitted at all.

Read the full update at the bottom of this post.