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New Resource for Cinefamily Creditors

Many film distributors, contractors, donors, and other creditors have reported an inability to reach Cinefamily regarding outstanding debts.  Creditors have specifically cited the unresponsiveness of Cinefamily accountant Erin Hensley and Cinefamily principal Dan Harkham.  Hensley is now the managing director at Harkham's Fairfax Cinema.  She can be reached at erin [at] fairfaxcinema [dot] com.  Harkham can be reached at dan [at] fairfaxcinema [dot] com.  

If creditors have any success at collecting on debt, please let us know!

In the meantime, we still recommend communicating with the appropriate governmental entities for a "belt-and-suspenders approach."

We've updated the creditor resources to reflect the new information.