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1 deep breath, 2 clarifications, & a tease

I only have a moment but wanted to surface to take a big gulp of air and try to say a couple things clearly.  I've gotten a lot of questions today, and I want to briefly address two of them. 

NO, I do not have any affiliation with Cinefamily, with Fairfax Cinema, with Dan Harkham, or anyone from the board or leadership of either organization.  If anything in my email or my blog post led anyone to believe otherwise, I apologize.  I have now made the disclosure front & center on the home page, in addition to the disclosure that was already on the page.  (Or catch up on the origins of this website and why I care.)  Beyond that, I honestly don't know how to answer "what's this really about?" or "who are you, really?"  I believe in transparency, I say what I believe, and I sign my name to what I say.  I don't especially want to have my name on the internet, but so it goes.

The other question I've been getting a lot concerns the focus on Dan Harkham and the description of his "control" or "ownership" of Cinefamily-- because no one can own a nonprofit, right?  I tried to tackle this one head-on, and you should please check this out.  Buckle up, though: there are legal documents involved (but no Latin).

Finally, a tease: late this afternoon I received an email from an address that ended in  More on that tomorrow.