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Cinefamily vs. Moviepass

Say what you will about the merits or drawbacks of Moviepass.  In the wake of Cinefamily's demise, many people (myself included) prepaid a year-long Moviepass membership.  

Say what you will about possible points of comparison between Moviepass and Cinefamily: a certain swagger, a willingness to flaut the rules, a singular and self-aggrandizing figure at the helm, a high-minded rhetoric belied by base financial concerns, the lack of a coherent business plan, a creepy invasiveness

But give Moviepass credit for how they conducted themselves in failure.  While going down the tubes and screwing over customers by scrapping the movie-a-day plan we'd already paid for, they offered the absolute least they could: a prorated refund.  The situation still sucked, but this was basic, minimum corporate responsibility.  (After initially acknowledging its own such debts to members, Cinefamily first pleaded poverty, then denied any debt was owed.)

Moviepass's failure says something telling-- about Cinefamily and the Harkhams.

Could anyone other than Cinefamily be Goofus to Moviepass's Gallant?