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New 2019 California Laws Fight Wage Theft, Sexual Harassment

Cinefamily staffers were reportedly subject to wage theft, workplace bullying, and sexual harassment and abuse. A set of new workplace laws went into effect in California on January 1. While the damage has already been done at Cinefamily — under the Harkhams’ watchful eye — Fairfax Cinema would be well advised to heed these new laws. For that matter, Fairfax Cinema would also be well advised to heed all those boring old laws, too, regarding minimum wage, forced overtime, misclassification, improper termination, and health and safety.

California workers have a raft of new protections; in the wake of #MeToo, many of these laws relate to equity, transparency, and harassment. In addition, the minimum wage went up, and the state is setting new diversity requirements for Boards of Directors.

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