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Fairfax Cinema Attempts Opening, Cinefamily Hit with More Tax Woes

Early last year, CinefamilyAccountability (CA) reported on the former Cinefamily folks’ plans to reopen in 2018 as Fairfax Cinema. It appears that the brothers Harkham & Co. are inching forward with the process: in late 2018 they applied for a Certificate of Occupancy from the L.A. Department of Building and Safety. As of this writing in early February, the application is still pending.

Other documents on file with the city indicate that plans for the venue may have changed yet again, possibly related to an alcohol licensing challenge with the state ABC. Dan and Sammy Harkham applied to sell beer and wine in July 2018. In late November, CA noted this sort of license requires the theater to be a "bona fide public eating place." In early December, the Harkhams then filed another amendment to their building permit, noting a “change of use of [a] portion of [the] theater,” and for the first time mentioning food service with the addition of “uncovered outdoor dining.”

The alcohol license remains unresolved. A protest against the application was recently lifted on a technicality related to filing dates, but as of early February another hold remains.

While Dan and Sammy Harkham, along with Erin Hensley and Kate Rouhandeh, try to keep the focus on Fairfax Cinema, they continue to be dogged by fallout from Cinefamily:

  • In December 2018, Los Angeles County filed yet another tax lien against Cinefamily and the Silent Movie Theater. (This is the second tax lien filed against Cinefamily since it ceased operations.)

  • Members and other Cinefamily creditors still report outstanding debts.

  • There has still been no public statement from the Cinefamily/Fairfax crew about any aspect of the Cinefamily snafu.

  • While Fairfax Cinema’s website and social media accounts remain silent, the various parody accounts seem to be active.