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New publication Los Angeleno comes out of the gate with a guide for Southland cinephiles.

April Wolfe starts her piece:

At the end of 2017, it became increasingly clear that the center could not hold in the film and repertory screening community of Los Angeles. The center, in this case, was Cinefamily, which became in its tenure the fulcrum on which so much activity turned. Allegations of misconduct on the part of Cinefamily co-founder Hadrian Belove and those who allegedly enabled him led to a painful, public reckoning until the much-beloved theater collapsed under immense pressure.

But Los Angeles is a city that spans more than 500 square miles across Southern California, and in the past year, many bootstrappers in the community may have proven that L.A. might not require a “center” when a constellation of diverse, inclusive and challenging film programming is given room to expand…

You can read the rest of the piece here.

Spoiler alert: the Cinefamily-shaped hole in L.A. has largely been filled. Turns out no one’s clamoring for what the Harkham brothers are selling. But good luck, boys, with that [checks notes] planned 2018 opening.