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Exclusive Pics of Cinefamily / Fairfax Renovations: Frontage or Fronting?

An intrepid visitor to 611 N. Fairfax sends along these fresh pictures of the renovations Dan and Sammy Harkham are making to the Silent Movie Theater.

We’ve previously reported about the Harkhams’ plans to rebrand Cinefamily as Fairfax Cinema. Fairfax was originally set to open in 2018, then faced new tax liens, litigation, and regulatory challenges. More recently, a former Harkham lobbyist reports the existing plans have been scrapped. But the Harkhams had already secured financing, and it appears the renovations have continued to move forward.

Here’s the new front of the building following the modernization of the historic theater. The boys really seem to like the color white.

Here’s the back courtyard:

And inside:

More updates as we have them! We’ll be particularly keen to see the anticipated new kitchen!