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Corporate & Legal Filings

Corporate & Legal Filings

Cinefamily tax filings:

These forms are supposed to be filed annually with the IRS.  These were accessed via the California AG's Registry of Charitable Trusts.  (Search on "The Cinefamily" - definite article needed, caps probably not - for "organization name" & it's the only thing that comes up.)  If you access these same docs via the usually excellent Guidestar, you'll notice subtle differences

We'll post more recent tax filings if and when they become available.

Cinefamily corporate filings:

These were filed with the California Secretary of State (select "corporation name" and search for keyword "cinefamily" & it's the only thing that comes up) and the State AG.


Unpublished Cinefamily docs:

Documents will be posted once fully vetted and their provenance is established.