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This site is not affiliated with the Cinefamily, Dan Harkham, the Board of Directors, or former staff.  This site was created by a former Cinefamily donor and supporter concerned about the lack of accountability leading up to and following the closure. 

Thanks for visiting CinefamilyAccountability!  Intended as a resource for the Cinefamily community, this site strives to provide honest, accurate information about all things Cinefamily, as well as tools for concerned Cinefamily stakeholders. 

The Cinefamily's departure is a tragedy, and L.A. is culturally worse off for its loss.  At the same time, many people were victimized in many ways.  Stories of abuse may be old news to staff and volunteers, but many donors and members have only recently discovered the damage that was done.  The court of public opinion is no substitute for a full accounting in an appropriate venue.

This website is for everyone who cares about the mission of the Cinefamily;  independent, offbeat, and foreign films; the fairness, transparency, and responsibility of being a public benefit corporation (i.e., a nonprofit); and a respect for women, for workers, and for the rule of law. 

Maybe they didn't believe it when they said it, but it is true: we are the Cinefamily.

Staff & Volunteers:


Information will be shared only with the California Attorney General's office.  

are you owed money?

Information for vendors, members, donors, distributors, libraries, artists, and anyone else owed money.

See something?

Say something!

Information for victims, witnesses, and people who need to unburden themselves.  Whom to report to and how.

“Sexual harassment is a tipoff that other misconduct may be taking place at a company . . . 'People who engage in sexual harassment or assault are also likely to steal, plagiarize, embezzle, engage in overt racism, or otherwise harm their business . . . All of these behaviors are the actions of someone who feels entitled to other people’s property—regardless of whether it’s someone else’s ideas, work, money, or body. Another common factor was the desire to dominate and control other people.'"
Sheelah Kolhatkar, The New Yorker, 11/20/17

Some disclosures

It should really go without saying, but this site has like zero affiliation with the corporate entity "The Cinefamily" or the folks who ran that place.  Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice.  This site is a work in progress and suggestions are welcome.  If you have information, questions, corrections, or concerns, please get in touch.