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Staff and volunteers

Cinefamily's staff and volunteers made the place awesome!  We miss you!

Have you taken the survey yet?  If you were concerned that the recent "independent investigation" was neither -- just because it was bought and paid for by board members -- you'll appreciate that the results of this survey are going only to the California Attorney General.  

If Cinefamily owes you wages, hey, you're a creditor, too!  Check out the creditor resources.


Not all victims of sexual assault or harassment want to come forward.  Those who do can contact contact the new Women in Film hotline, RAINN's sexual assault hotline, the LAPD, or the L.A. County District Attorney's office, which recently established a task force.  You can also review additional resources from the city and from the county.

If you've suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act provides a number of remedies.  Contact the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the California Labor Commissioner, or an attorney.  We're one of the only states that allows sexual harassment lawsuits not only against employers, but also against the harassers themselves.

If you think Cinefamily violated any wage and hour laws, you should file a wage claim with the California Department of Industrial Relations.  

If you were retaliated against, you should file a retaliation claim.

If your right to engage in mutual support and collective action was thwarted, you should file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board.


And if you got something to say because you know some shit & want to drop a dime (respectfully & responsibly, of course), here's some resources